BCNI Blood Cancer Symposium - Friday 28th May 2021 Virtual Event

May 29 2022 Posted: 12:30 IST

Blood Cancer Network Ireland is holding its annual symposium  on Friday 28th May 


The aim of the symposium is to provide Irish researchers and clinical staff with the opportunity to hear about the latest research and hottest topics in blood cancer research from international experts and to present their own work in this area.

This symposium will bring researchers in the fields of cancer drug discovery and hematological malignancies together with industry and clinical investigators interested in translating research findings into early clinical development.

The scientific focus will be in three key areas:

  • Childhood Leukemia
  • Diagnosis and disease monitoring
  • Lymphoma

The focus of the symposium on cutting edge research and cancer therapeutics development will make this a highly significant and relevant meeting for all researchers interested in applying research findings for clinical development in blood cancers.

We are aware that some attendees are experiencing issues with access to their work emails due to the recent cyber-attack. If this has affected you then you can re-register for the event using an alternative emaill address which will allow us to send you the links to participate on Friday.

Register for this free event here:


TIME Speaker & Topic


Prof. Jonathan Bond- Acute Leukaemia: lessons from the Haematopoietic Roadmap


Prof. Owen Smith- Child, adolescent and young adult cancers (NCCP perspective)



Short talk- Andrea Malone- Paediatric relapsed/refractory ALL- European Phase 1 study on inotuzumab.

Short talk- Peter McCarthy- Searching for targetable gene fusions in childhood leukaemia.




Dr. Richard Dillon- Molecularly guided interventions to prevent relapse in AML


Dr. Bruno Paiva- Disease monitoring in multiple myeloma


Dr. Mairead O'Connor- Using qualitative research to understand the needs of lymphoma survivors


Short talk- Dawn Swan-Update on the long-term follow up and MRD analysis of the BCNI CyBorD-DARA clinical trial




Prof. Elisabeth Vandenberghe- Mantle cell lymphoma; the dialogue between translational and clinical research


Prof. Paul Murray- Pre-recorded: Lymphoma, New insights into the microenvironment of diffuse large B cell lymphoma. Dr. Matt Pugh Q&A


Short talk- Dr. Daniel Angelov- Short Talk: Outcome of National Allogenic Transplantation Program in Mycosis Cutaneous T cell Lymphoma (CTCL): a 10 year experience