Documentary 'Burkitt' will be showcased at Galway Film Fleadh on 14th July 2024.

Jul 02 2024 Posted: 12:30 IST

Dear AICRI  and BCNI Community,

I am excited to share an announcement that I believe will resonate deeply with our community.

A new feature documentary, Burkitt, has been made about Dr. Denis Burkitt, the man who discovered Burkitt's lymphoma. As many of you will know, Dr. Burkitt, originally from Co Fermanagh, made groundbreaking strides in the understanding and treatment of this lymphoma while working in sub-Saharan Africa during the 1950s and 60s. His work not only led to the cure of this cancer but also laid a strong emphasis on the importance of preventative medicine.

The documentary, directed by Éanna Mac who had personally been diagnosed and treated for Burkitt's lymphoma in 2017, offers a unique perspective by intertwining Dr. Burkitt's archival films and photographs with the director’s own hospital recordings. This film not only sheds light on Dr. Burkitt's innovative medical approaches, but also explores the emotional journey of dealing with a cancer diagnosis, emphasising the role of creativity in overcoming such overwhelming experiences.

Burkitt will be showcased at the Galway Film Fleadh on the 14th of July. This is a fantastic opportunity for cancer researchers, medical professionals, and those with lived cancer experiences to learn about the remarkable legacy of Dr. Denis Burkitt and to gain inspiration from his work and the director's personal journey.

For more details on the screening, please visit: Galway Film Fleadh - Burkitt 

To watch the trailer, click here: Burkitt Trailer

We encourage you to attend this screening and share this information within your networks. If you need further information or have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Best regards,

Chantal Halley 

Research Engagement Manager

All-Island Cancer Research Institute