Fantastic day for our "BLOOD" stand at the Galway Science exhibition on 25th Nov

Nov 20 2018 Posted: 11:54 GMT

BCNI had a stand on "BLOOD" at the   Galway Science and Technology Exhibition on Sunday 25th November at NUI Galway.  

We had great interest from the public with hundreds of kids and their parents coming along to our stand to learn learn a little about the mysterious, life-sustaining fluid called blood - why we need blood, what it does,  how its made,  what's in it and how it clots? 

BCNI was on hand to  to tell everyone some amazing facts about blood. Visitiors to the stand could see the different types of cells that make up blood under the microscope and could see how we can grow blood cancer cells in dishes to help us find new therapies for blood cancers. Our pippetting stations where kids had the opporunity to use pippettes to measure out and transfer some fake blood was very popular and our new game where white cells had to catch the grems was a huge hit. 

A big thanks to all our volunteers who gave up their time on a sunny sunday to do some science communication! They did an absolutely fantastic job although I'm sure they were exhausted and hoarse by the end of their shift! Well done everybody!

Science festival 2018