Fantastic patient event in UCC

May 31 2019 Posted: 10:16 IST

BCNI held  a very sucessful public lecture on  "Blood Cancers" on Friday 24th May in University College Cork

The public lecture aimed to give the public, patients and their families information about blood cancers such as CLL and Myeloma

Dr Derville O'Shea Consultant Hematologist at Cork University Hospital gave an excellent pesentation that focused on new understanding and therapeutics development for CLL. Dr O'Shea's talk was a great introduction to CLL for members of the audience that were less familiar with this type of blood cancer while also providing very up to date information in terms of understanding this blood cancer and reviewing treatments coming down the line for the more expert members of the audience.

 Dr Jim Omel is BCNIs patient advisor and has lived with Multiple Myeloma for over 19 years. Jim lives in Nebraska USA and works as a volunteer with the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Maryland, which oversees and helps design all clinical trials. Jim also works with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as one of 160 patient representatives nationwide, three of which have myeloma. Jim gave an very moving and informative talk about his experience with Multiple Myeloma and about he now uses that experience to help other blood cancer patients. He is a great advocate for patients empowering themselves to learn al they can about their condition and ensuring they are being treated by the best doctors with the most modern treatments available and his energy and enthusiasm  were infectious and very well recieved by the audience.

patient lecture UCC 2019