Publication of research paper

Apr 29 2023 Posted: 12:30 IST

Dr Eva Szegezdi of BCNI and co-workers published a research paper in the journal Biomaterials. They have reported natural killer (NK) cell-mimicking nanoparticles (NK.NPs) can actively target and kill leukaemia cells. The NK.NPs are able to target AML cells via tumour antigen-specific antibodies and make use of tumor necrosis factor-related apoptosis-inducing ligand (TRAIL) on their surface to eliminate cancer cells through death ligands.


NK cells are named so because of their natural ability to kill foreign intruders such as virus-infected cells, or cells that display early signs of cancer. However, while NK cells are very potent in recognising newly formed tumour cells, some can escape. These successful tumours can inactivate or hide from immune cells and thus escape from immune surveillance. NK cell-mimic nanoparticles use the specific targeting and cytotoxic activities of NK cells while eliminating the chance of inactivation by cancer cells.


Read more about the NK.NPs here.