BCNI at the Galway Science and Technology Festival

The Galway Science and Technology Festival takes place annually in November
Nov 24 2019 Posted: 11:42 GMT

The BCNI team are actively involved in different public events throughout the year. This means we can talk to members of the public about blood cancers, all the great work the BCNI team are doing and the science behind blood itself! One of our favourite events of this type is the annual Galway Science and Technology Festival. This festival is Ireland’s largest event promoting Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). 

This year at the Galway Science and Technology Festival, the NUIG branch of BCNI organised a stand on “Blood”. We had lots of fun games, quizzes and learning aids and had a brilliant time hearing from members of the public about their experiences and sharing our knowledge of blood. We spoke about the important roles of the different types of blood cell and how things can go wrong. 

The stand was in the main exhibition area which had approximately 20,000 visitors and we estimate we had a minimum of 2,000 people visit our stand over the course of the day. 

This annual event is aimed at members of the public, especially families and BCNI had information and activities for children of all ages, as well as adults.



Fearon Cassidy


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