BCNI at the Galway Science Festival 2017

Nov 22 2016 Posted: 17:32 GMT

BCNI at the  20th Galway Science and Technology Exhibition on Sunday 26th November at NUI Galway. 

Blood in our bodies is pumped by the heart through a network of arteries and veins. But beyond those blood basics, what do you know about that red stuff beneath your skin? The body depends on a steady supply of fuel and oxygen to reach its billions of cells. Blood also carries carbon dioxide and other waste materials to the lungs, kidneys, and digestive system; from there they are removed from the body. Without blood, we couldn't keep warm or cool off, we couldn't fight infections, and we couldn't get rid of our own waste products.

So how exactly does blood do these things? How is it made, and what's in it? How does blood clot? Is it time to learn a little about the mysterious, life-sustaining fluid called blood.

BCNI was on hand to  to tell everyone some amazing facts about blood. Lots of kids (and their parents) in the Galway region got to know all about why we need blood, what its made of, what the different types of blood cells do and how blood cells and blood cancer cells look under the microscope! It was a hectic but very rewarding day with approximately 20,000 people attending and a huge thanks to all of the BCNI staff and students that participated!

Science festival 2017