BCNI investigators take part in MM information Day

Dec 08 2017 Posted: 11:02 GMT

Dr John Quinn and Prof Michael O'Dwyer took part in this years Multiple Myeloma awareness day for patients and their families.

The annual Multiple Myeloma Ireland Patient and Family Awareness day is an opportunity for patients and their families to benefit from the expertise and experience of health professionals working in the field, as well as hearing from peers about their own multiple myeloma journey.

This year the event was held on 9th November at the Glenroyal Hotel in Maynooth.

Danielle Barron spoke to Professor Michael O’Dwyer in advance of the Patient and Family Awareness Day who reviewed his presentation, which centres on new developments in multiple myeloma treatment- see review here

 Dr Quinn gave an overview of future strategies for the treatment of Myeloma.